How to Love Yourself – by True Earth – 4-27-17

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Self Love

You may be wondering what advice a 27 year-old could offer someone possibly older than them on how to love themselves. Well that’s one of the interesting aspects of our experience here. Some people are farther along than others. This isn’t a bad thing or a good thing, it’s just what we set up to experience in advance before we arrived here.

But the Cabal depends on and profits from self-hate and the constant (artificial) need to think we need material items or to seek approval from others in order to maintain a ‘healthy self-esteem’ and to be fulfilled. In my own experience so far I’ve found that I have set up many life lessons in a very short amount of time (Doh!) and if you are open to it I would like to share what I’ve learned so far.

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God is good, God is great

So I’m leaving Seattle today to head back to San Diego and it’s been crazy. Woke up late, dropped the rental off, took the shuttle to the airport. Got in line for bags and realized I didn’t have my purse, got back on the shuttle, had Siemens locate the rental, got my purse, got back on the shuttle to the airport, checked bags in, got in security line, made it to the gate 10 minutes after boarding started and the plane isn’t here yet. So with all the craziness I still managed to get on my flight. The whole time I was running around I was thinking “God has me, if I miss it there’s a reason.”

You can make a difference. 

The night I wanted to end it all you made me okay enough to sleep and make it through the night. The next I awoke feeling a little better than the night before but still holding those thoughts and emotions at bay. That day, you reminded me why life is worth living. 

One person, a single soul on this earth, helped me be okay.

You’re words and actions can make a difference.

Have courage and be kind; always